Where I'm From

I read Georgia Ella Lyon’s ‘Where I am From’ poem and I thought it was wonderful. My poem writing skills got a bit antiquated, so I attempted to write a similiar poem of my own. Here it goes!

I am from comic books,
From Cadbury and Kinder Joy
I am from the busy streets
Eating, laughing, and lounging under the fan.
I am from coconut trees,
Swaying in the wind blowing from the Indian Ocean
I’m from the Indian festivals and unserious professionals
From the one - way plane ticket to the States
I’m from the compassionate and caring
From respect elders and be nice to everyone
I’m from the temples, and bright kurtas
I’m from the crowded country of India
The rice and the spicy paneer
I’m from the tender papayas to the sodium - infused guavas
From the stargazing from the terrace
To the photobooks in grandmother’s closet
Preserved for the generations to see after us.